The underwhelming art blargh of Pennatologist.

Penna Artings

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imrin and her younger sister maavra

how obvious is it that i will never be able to choose a face tattoo design for imrin


old lady hermit toph and her badgermole fighting evil with tough love and punching



ardreigh automatically pegs dey as one of those kinds of people that really needs to get put in a headlock

noogies might follow

have u heard the good word of stannis the mannis


doodle of tyrande that got out of hand and then i realized i didn’t know what to do with her arms and disaster struck

i’m happy with like 80% of it tho which is a miracle


GIANT FUCKIN PIC so you gotta right click > view image to see the entire thing

Sigil + Bat Fight

From Left to Right: Kialthos, Stehl, Lumenar, Lassair, Rosalinde, Alwynn, Vandrin, Iadric, Agnes, Dianor, Balderos, Aurric, Jack, Cuthben, Mitta, Gevudan