The underwhelming art blargh of Pennatologist.

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sudden regurgitation of morisell and a horse and andy


morisell on ~spellbreaker graduation day~

i’m an ultimate trashcan and basically copied 90% of mandromeda's armor for his spellbreaker Andy


bara pandas Taran Zhu and Tenwu for actualpanda's sketched 'n color bust commission

rp scene from tonight ft. Luxiwen and Alwynn

you know what’s good at inspiring fear? jumping in to the brain of a world weary paladin who houses the divine spirit of a wrathful being

don’t look back lux, 

don’t look back, alweiner


Alrighty! First commission of the night to get done. This here is vesiel's wergin warrior hot dad Volkner


Warming up for commissions by finishing up my super late art trade with the lovely vesiel this is her belf pally she’ll be rolling for WoD

imrin and her younger sister maavra

how obvious is it that i will never be able to choose a face tattoo design for imrin


old lady hermit toph and her badgermole fighting evil with tough love and punching