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my half of an art trade with vesiel

her gilnean volkner used to stand watch at the greymane wall


womp womp

arcane addicted ptsd riddled sad elf 

morisell u suck

morisell redsky and brennais northflight some of my bloof ladies that are also half sisters

basically if you looked at a family tree of all my elves you’d see they’re all related somehow

thank you doodle for a guildie that gave me her trillium for freeeeeee

Alurien Black passes by the chair, his gloved fingers trailing along the top of it. His footsteps are slow and measured as he comes up behind her. One hand settles on the chair, then the other. Alurien leans down, close but never touching. “When I kill her… what will that make you?”

Alwynn Morrenwell ‘s response is level, unfaltering. But only he would be able to hear it. “Queen of ashes and blood. Mother of a leveled woods.” It takes a moment, but she lifts a hand to lightly touch his jawline. “Would that be balance restored, or a scale missing one side?” The touch is fleeting, hands already folded back on her lap.

Alurien Black ‘s jaw tenses under her touch. He straightens slowly. “You deserve to rebuild from the very bottom of the forest floor. Perhaps if you do, you’ll use your gifts more wisely.” He steps away from her, back to his chair to grab his coat and book.

Raynne Canem

high queen of poor decision making

played by the rad onlycrime.

"oh, and if you see some robed fucker singing in the background? kill it. kill it fast."

hypothetical easthold v josrial scribble

oh and allison because i want to fucking puke she’s so perfect

bonus hargryn and a morisell who basically has been inhaling packs of cigarettes since being removed from the front

late night headshots because what am i doing with my life

alternate nicknames for josrial were: “say hi to your sister for me.” and “how’s your mother doing?”