The underwhelming art blargh of Pennatologist.

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she is beauty she is grace she is miss sad gilnean loser


My circle mage I’ve been running through DAO to see if I want to make her an inquisitor instead in DAI

She doesn’t understand most of Alistair’s humor so they aren’t as chummy with him as my other wardens have been

At this point she probably just refuses to “get it” just to fuck with him

Being both an elf and a mage sort of leaves her pretty flippant when it comes to all things Templar and human politics. But then again she’s been raise in a tower her whole life so suddenly having all of this autonomy is a bit overwhelming. Not to mention despite her attitude she still gets a bit panicky when going against the rules

She probably likes her dog more than most people and basically I’m looking forward to making her an inquisitor. But since my old save file of DAO sort of disappeared I’m ping to have to do a different play through to use to translate over to da3


i sure draw easthold a lot for a character who has vowed to keep her face hidden

vandrin is actually a certified babysitter 

he’s paid in juiceboxes and paperbag lunches

ellisterthorley warmup doodle

enjoy your phoenix wright hair

easthold what have you been up to



Lorea and Peima

serial dumb butts